Actis Multi-foil

Actis Sylvactis

Thermal insulation product SYLVACTIS 55 FX with a declared thermal conductivity value of 0.036 W/m.K, composed of 92% fire-retardant treated natural wood fibres and 8% polyester binder.

Available in flexible batts with a density of 50 kg/m3 and designed for the insulation of:

  • Roofs from the inside: between rafters and under rafters in crossed layers
  • Walls from the inside: external walls, between studs in timber frame buildings, partition walls
  • Walls from the outside: behind ventilated cladding
  • Floors: between joists, between I-joists, non-habitable attic floors
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Insulation for Roofs and Attics. The product is thermally equivalent to 200mm of mineral wool when installed in a roof situation (BM Trada Cert no.0101). Ensures the continuous insulation and air-tightness of roofs and ridges, and eliminates thermal bridging around roof windows. The Product is easy to install and works very effectively to prevent heat loss in winter and keep interiors cool in summer. Incredibly easy to use, very thin and has extremely good thermal insulation properties.

TRISO-SUPER 10 has been tested under real conditions by TRADA Technology Ltd. and certified as equivalent to 210mm of mineral wool when installed in a pitched roof application by BM TRADA

Effective both in summer and winter:in winter, it retains heat within buildings; in summer, it reflects radiation preventing overheating of attic rooms

  • Space saving
  • Clean and free from irritant fi bres
  • Durable-will not sag, moisture resistant
  • Quick and easy to install: fl exible, can be cut with scissors or ACTIS CUTTER, fitted by stapling
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Actis TB80

Air tight supplementary insulation

Application:  Top-up insulation for roofs and walls

Technical characteristics:

  • Euroclass fire classification B-s1, d0 (installed behind 10mm plasterboard)
  • Components assembled by thermal welding
  • Semi-rigid product is very easy to install 
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